Jill Kargman’s Nanny Was a Playboy Bunny Who Used to Babysit at the Playboy Club

Jill Kargman’s Nanny Was a Playboy Bunny Who Used to Babysit at the Playboy Club

The #OddMomOut star reveals an interesting tidbit about her childhood.

By Jocelyn Vena

Odd Mom Out star Jill Kargman grew up in Manhattan, which afforded her the types of adventures not all kids get to have. Case in point: the fact that she used to hang out at the Playboy Club, as she explained on Monday's The Meredith Vieira Show

"There used to be a Playboy Club on 67th and Fifth Avenue — it's now, like, the Polish embassy or something. And she was our au pair and would moonlight there to get more money as a Playboy Bunny," she recalled. "She had the little outfit and everything." Jill learned about her nanny's secret when she and her brother, Will Kopelman (aka Drew Barrymore's hubby), were carted off to said Playboy Club one night.

"One night there was miscommunication with my mom [about their plans]... They had no idea [she was a Playboy bunny]. So she waited until they left and she put a coat around my brother and me in our little feetie pajamas and brought us to the Playboy Club... She put in a beta max of Flash Gordon and we just sat there. All the bunnies kept coming in saying, 'Oh, they're so cute' and gave us frozen Kit Kats to bribe us and it worked. So she got double paid, so she kept doing it. And it went for like six months and my mom thought, 'Jill's so tired.'"

With those kinds of experiences to draw from, it's no wonder Jill has made a career out of shining a light on the sometimes zany things parents do in the Big Apple. And it should come as no surprise that she looks fondly on her youth. "I had the best childhood ever. I grew up here in New York City. I had the coolest parents; we're so close," she said. "And they really did give me a lot of freedom. I mean now there's the helicopter parents situation and they would be arrested today. They'd be calling child welfare services 'cause I took public buses all over at 8; the subway at 10."

Speaking of nannies, watch Jill's fictional sister-in-law, Brooke (Abby Elliott) offer her take on them, below.

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